Business owner thinking about your next chapter?

Have your cake and eat it too.

Hello there! We’re Nate (a business guy) and Ben (a software guy). We recently left IDEO, one of the world’s top innovation firms, to focus on acquiring and running a single business. To help us out, we raised money from a fantastic group of investors, many of whom are entrepreneurs themselves.

Photo of Nate Tower and Ben Syverson

You’re ready.

Ready to move on, or just change gears. And you do get potential buyers reaching out. But these strictly financially oriented buyers don’t seem like the right fit. Will they really roll up their sleeves?

We’re a little different.

We just spent a combined 16 years leading teams to design products and services that resulted in tremendous impact and incredible growth for companies of all sizes. We’re builders. And now we’re looking for a profitable business that we can acquire and scale to new heights.

We think the owner who sells to us will be a little different too.

You don’t want to simply cash out—you want someone to take what you’ve built and, well, build on it. And as the world’s foremost expert on your own business, you probably have some great ideas about where to start.

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That’s why we named ourselves Infinite Cake: we want you to have your cake and eat it too. Whether that means transitioning completely with a clear conscience, or staying involved but dialing back your time.

Option 1

Pass the baton, then kick back & relax

Ready to retire or move on to other projects? Sell us 100% of the company, and ride off into the sunset with a suitcase full of money. Now that’s sweet.

Option 2

Get some cash and form a business jam band

Want to take some chips off the table, but stay connected? We live for collaboration. Sell us most of the company and jam with us on your company’s next chapter.

Meet the bakers.

“The Buttercream Cowboy”

Nate Tower

Photo of Nate Tower I'm the business guy on the team. My passion is creating new products and services and figuring out how to get them into the world. Prior to co-founding Infinite Cake with Ben, I worked for over 6 years at IDEO. During this time, I worked on a variety of projects, including designing a new fintech venture, helping a multi-million dollar beverage brand launch in the US, and creating a new and differentiated product for an indoor climate products company. Prior to IDEO, I worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young where I did a lot of management consultant-y things. I have an MBA from Columbia Business School and did my undergrad at Carnegie Mellon University.

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“The KitchenAid Kid”

Ben Syverson

Photo of Ben Syverson That makes me the software guy on the team. I did my first software consulting gig at age 13, and eventually had a successful career as an independent product developer—designing, building and shipping everything from camera apps to actual physical cameras. Then I joined IDEO in the Software Design discipline, where I built software, led teams and eventually guided multi-million dollar programs as a Design Director. Over the course of 10 years, I led teams which designed and delivered everything from a holistic Type 2 diabetes management service to a powerful AI product in ecommerce; from surgical robotics to a mental health app for Gen Z.

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Photo of Nate and Ben collaborating at IDEO on an HR technology project

Photo of an in-hospital live prototype for a self-check-in station

Photo of two people assembling a robotic arm prototype for an IDEO medical project

Photo of Ben in scrubs while observing a surgery for an IDEO medical project

Photo of Nate loading a Nerf gun in an IDEO project space

Photo of a research participant handling paper prototypes for an IDEO financial services project

Photo of Ben putting Post-It notes on a board in an IDEO project space during a health project

Photo of Nate discussing research in an IDEO project space

Photo of an IDEO designer soldering a circuitboard during an IDEO mobility project

Meet the millers.

You know, like flour millers. Listen, we’re going to stretch this metaphor like a sheet of fondant. We’re lucky enough to have the support and mentorship of a wonderful group of investors who will supply the flour for our Infinite Cake. Here’s a sample taste:

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Pick a time, any time. Right now, our top priority is talking to owners like you. Reach out for a quick & confidential conversation, even if you’re not sure you want to sell—we just love meeting new people.

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